Why we need your support
Much of the Priston Festival is free to attend.  This is made possible only by the support which we receive from our sponsors and donors and from grants, for which we are incredibly grateful.

              Davies & Way                 Newton Farm Foods                   Ring O'Bells PH

Full list of 2016 sponsors so far:
We are also like to thank:
You can support the Priston Festival by giving online via credit//debit card or via Paypal.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to give online, or are interested in sponsoring the Festival, please see below for details.

Direct Donations
If you prefer to make your donation direct rather than online then please email us and we will contact you.  If you would like your donation to be attributed to a specific performance and/or wish the donation to be acknowledged by name on the website please let us know.

Sponsorship- for individuals or businesses

Sponsoring provides an opportunity to obtain publicity for your business.  You also have the reward of knowing you are supporting a quality event and your local community!  

If you would like to support the Festival in this way, please email us, or call our Chairman Owain Jones on 01761 472908.