Coronavirus information for Priston


New B&NES cases per 100,000 population for last week (7 days ending 24 April): 176 (previous day - 198
RUH Covid admissions for week ending 24 April (latest reported): 25

See interactive UK map.

Cumulative Covid-19 cases in B&NES
Chart of Covid-19 infection rate/RUH admissions in B&NES

  • From 31 January 2022, case reporting has changed to includes possible reinfections. This change has been applied to all case numbers from the beginning of the pandemic. Prior to 31 January, figures excluded all reinfections.
  • the most recent Infection Rate provided is for the week ending 3 days before the last reporting date.
  • RUH admission data is released on a weekly basis.

Government restrictions/advice

Visit for all Government guidance on staying safe, what to do if you develop symptoms, vaccinations, boosters, international travel and more.

From 27 January 2022

You will not be required by law to wear a face covering anywhere, but the government suggests you continue to wear one in crowded and indoor spaces where you may come into contact with people you do not normally meet.

You’ll no longer need to show your NHS COVID Pass at venues and events by law, although event organisers may require this as a condition of entry.

From 24 February 2022

From 24 February:

  • the legal requirement to self-isolate following a positive test has been removed. Adults and children who test positive will continue to be advised to stay at home and avoid contact with other people for at least 5 full days and then continue to follow the guidance until they have received 2 negative test results on consecutive days;
  • fully vaccinated close contacts and those aged under 18 will no longer be asked to test daily for 7 days, or require close contacts who are not fully vaccinated to self-isolate;
  • routine contact tracing will end. Contacts will no longer be required to self-isolate or advised to take daily tests.

From 18 March 2022

From 4am on Friday 18 March, you will not need to take any COVID-19 tests or fill in a passenger locator form when travelling to the UK from abroad. These changes apply whether you are fully vaccinated or not.

From 1 April 2022

From 1 April the Government will:

  • remove the current guidance on voluntary COVID-status certification in domestic settings and no longer recommend that certain venues use the NHS COVID Pass;
  • no longer provide free universal symptomatic and asymptomatic testing for the general public in England;
  • update guidance setting out the ongoing steps that people with COVID-19 should take to minimise contact with other people. This will align with the changes to testing;
  • consolidate guidance to the public and businesses, in line with public health advice;
  • remove the health and safety requirement for every employer to explicitly consider COVID-19 in their risk assessments;
  • replace the existing set of ‘Working Safely’ guidance with new public health guidance.

Booking your Vaccination

You can book your appointment online for:

  • 1st and 2nd doses for people aged 12 years old and over
  • boosters for people aged 16 years old and over, plus at-risk children aged 12 to 15 years old
  • additional doses and boosters for people with a severely weakened immune system aged 12 years old and over

Appointments for boosters will be offered for 3 months (91 days) or later after your 2nd Covid jab.

Spring Boosters

People aged 75 and over, care home residents, and those with a weakened immune system aged 12 and over will be invited to get a Spring COVID-19 booster. The NHS will contact you and invite you to book your spring booster when it’s due. You will usually be offered an appointment around 6 months after your last dose of COVID-19 vaccine. You an also book your appointment online

Government guidance

You can access all Government guidance on

You can sign up for email alerts of changes and additions to Govt. guidance/instructions.

A message from Priston Parish Council

(17 March 2020) CORONAVIRUS / COVID-19

As your Parish Council, we wish to offer support to anyone who is affected by this virus.

  1. For up-to-date medical advice go to: (or google: NHS coronavirus) or phone 111.

  2. For those who need to self-isolate, we would like to offer practical help such as getting supplies for you.  To use this service please telephone Doug on 470609 and he will endeavour to allocate a helper to you.   In the unlikely event he is unavailable please contact another councillor or the clerk on the numbers below.
    Name Tel. No.
    Bruce Clarke 01761 470999
    Robert Davies 01761 479330
    Fiona Hassard  07776 280253
    Peter Hopwood 07540 889630
    John Lippiatt 01761 471080
    Vicky Pai 07788 647946
    Jocelyn Nichols 07734 069751
  3. In order to run this service, we need those who are not self-isolating to come forward with the services they are able to provide. This might be shopping, or, if you already have groceries delivered, adding someone else’s orders to yours.  Any offers of help can be emailed to Doug on:

With thanks,

Doug Pattison
Chairman, Priston Parish Council

(Update 24 March) - Report from Priston Parish Council (Doug Pattison)

To make sure that no-one "falls through the cracks" the Parish Council has formed a small "Coronavirus Action Team - Priston", or CAT-P, to direct help where it is needed. We have called for volunteers who would be willing to help others in the village, and received over 20 offers to help with shopping, delivering, dog walking, and "almost anything". We also have lists of those we believe may be in need of help. Where appropriate, volunteers have been asked to keep in touch with our vulnerable people.

Think of all those willing helpers! If you are classed as vulnerable for any reason, DO ask for help for shopping, whatever - just give me a call.

Keep healthy - here's why!

Doug Pattison   07742 455478 Email:

Local Food Take-Away/Delivery Options

Ring O' Bells

See Ring O' Bells take-away options.

Newton Farm Foods

Our Farm shop will be open 7 days, Monday to Saturday 9am to 5pm, and Sunday 9am to 4pm and will operate in a socially distanced, one way system through the shop.

Our online shop is now fully operational on our website, and has a minimum order for collection of £25, and a minimum order of £40 for delivery, with a £5 home delivery charge. Christmas items are also now available on the website and Christmas order forms are available in the shop to pick up.

We have had to evaluate the costs involved in our home delivery service and in order to be able to provide the service unfortunately there does need to be a charge.

Perhaps Priston villagers picking up collections could do so for other Priston residents?

I hope this helps and that we are able to support people living in the Priston area during this Lockdown.

Celia Gay – Newton Farm shop

Tunley Farm Butchers

Tunley Farm Butchers provide a range of milk, meat and deli foods.  They deliver free to Priston (minimum order £30). They aim to deliver within 3 working days.  For details visit


Milk & Moredeliver milk and a variety of other foodstuffs to Priston on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturdays.


Maggie Rideout and Howard Jones, having taken over from Steve Grant. They offer 15/30 eggs for £2/£4) and have a fresh supply every 2 weeks. Please place your order by phone, message or email.

Address: Church Farm House, Priston BA2 9EF (opposite the church)
Tel No: 01761 471308 or 07871 484268
Quantity (Price): Trays of 15 (£2) or 30 eggs (£4) only.
Payment: Cash – and preferably the correct amount please

If you have a problem collecting let us know and we will drop them off.

Additional food options

Click on the links below for additional food options:

List of local businesses offering local delivery

For anyone in need of food & looking for an alternative to going into the shops during the pandemic, you may wish to have a look at the 3SG Sustainable Food Partnership which has a list of local businesses offering food delivery:

Shop Somerset provides links to over 170 local businesses (food & more) to encourage users to shop local and help small independent businesses to weather the impact of Covid-19.

St Luke & St Andrew's Church


31 August 2021

From 1 September 2021 Priston Church will be resuming its normal schedule of services, including a Family Service at 10am on the 1st Sunday of each month, and a BCP Service each Sunday evening at 6.30pm.

We will be allowing individuals to make up their own minds on measures to take with respect to Covid-19, and so will not be enforcing the wearing of face-coverings or social distancing.

Revd Martin Blewett.
Rector, Benefice of Timsbury with Camerton, Priston, Dunkerton and Englishcombe.
The Rectory, South Road, Timsbury, Bath. BA2 0EJ.
Tel. (01761) 472448. Mobile. 07854 273489


Latest updates

See latest messages and updates on the B&NES coronavirus web page.

Some suggestions for coping with pandemic life

Keeping in touch

Social distancing is depriving many of us of that all-important social contact. Although by no means fully compensating for this, you might want to think about some partial technical solutions:
  • those of you who installed WhatsApp in order to join PEG may not realise how easy it is to hold video calls with friends and family;
  • If you have a Facebook account, do join the Priston Chat Facebook Group, to get local updates.
  • free video-conferencing means you can communicate as a family or with a group of friends even though you are at a distance - you could even try out a virtual pub or coffee morning!  Popular services include:
    • Google Hangouts - max 10 participants, Google account required (this doesn't mean you need to use Google email);
    • HouseParty - max 8 participants;
    • Skype (max 50 participants);
    • WhatsApp (4 participants;
    • Zoom - max 100 participants, 40 mins duration.
    • Google Duo (max. 12 participants);
      (details for all services are based on free options only).
  • free live-streaming from YouTube and Facebook Live enables you to easily reach a wide audience.


It's easy to feel overwhelmed, listening to the non-stop news about coronavirus.  Here are some suggestions for activities that will hopefully help you relax a little:
More suggestions welcome - email us at!


Read the update from First West of England Buses (21 May).

Miscellaneous items

Footpath hygiene

Handles on footpath and bridleway gates are possible sources of infection. 
  • wash your hands on leaving and returning to your home;
  • please use elbow or any other appropriate part of your anatomy to open gates where possible.

Volunteering as a "local connector"

To sign up to volunteer with 3SG's Compassionate Community as a local 'connector', helping to deliver supplies to those who are self-isolating or being shielded follow this link:…/1FAIpQLScnsScxyI5Y30foF9…/viewform

Useful Links

Coronavirus - key information from the NHS
Coronavirus -how to stay safe - info from the BBC