About us

How it started

The idea for the website grew from the project undertaken by the communities of Priston and Inglesbatch to produce a picture of their two communities in the form of Our Millennium Book.

Our Millennium Book was produced with the aid of a Local Heritage Initiative grant, funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund and administered by the Countryside Agency. As part of the condition of the grant, it was agreed that any surplus obtained from the sale of the book would be devoted to local community projects such as a website.

What's it for?

The purpose of the website is to:

  • provide a useful source of information for residents, visitors, and others with links to Priston
  • provide the people of Priston with the means to use the Web to share information and ideas.

How is it run?

The website is owned by Priston Parish Council and run on its behalf by Richard Bottle

Your ideas wanted!

Please make this your website by giving your comments and suggestions on how the site can be improved.
If you run or are involved with a local activity then do you have any information you want to share with others on the website - pictures, text?

You can email us or contact Richard Bottle on 01761 471141.