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Practical ideas for action

Most of us are probably doing lots of these already, but there might be something here that you hadn’t thought about and feel you’d like to do. And if you have any other suggestions, share them by emailing us.

In the home

Save electricity

Check insulation and improve where possible.
Switch off PCs and TVs at the mains when not in use or use an Intelliplug.
Fit Low Energy Light Bulbs .
Boil only as much water in a kettle as needed or use an Eco kettle.
Fill up the washing machine and dishwasher before running them.
Hang washing out to dry.
Turn down the thermostat on the heating system by 1°C.
Put a timer on a heated towel rail.
Consider solar heating panels from Navitron and Solar Home Energy
Switch togreen electricity with, Uswitch , Energylinx.

Save water

Don’t run the tap while cleaning teeth.
Take a shower (but beware the power shower!).
Resist flushing the loo every time.
Fit a water hippo to the cistern.
Wash the car with a bucket of water instead of a hose.

Help protect the environment

Use environment-friendly liquids for washing and cleaning.
Turn off intense outside lights to cut down on light pollution.
Recycle as much as possible.
Repair things instead of buying new.
Eat less meat (cows account for a lot of methane, a potent greenhouse gas!).
Eat locally grown, seasonal food to save on food miles from Bath Farmers' Market, Somerset Local Food Direct, locally-sourced meat delivered every Thursday from Newton Farm.
Only put toilet paper in the loo: ‘bag and bin’ cotton buds, tampons, nappies etc.
Choose reusable nappies.
Use biodegradable sanitary towels and tampons.
Use biodegradable rubbish bags.
Use Bathfreecycle instead of throwing away.unwanted items.

In the garden

Fit water butts to save rainwater (and plants prefer it).
Choose plants that like dry conditions.
Have a compost heap.
Choose native plants to attract wildlife.
Use peat-free compost.
Build a pond and enjoy new garden visitors.
Cut flowers from the garden and save the air miles on imported flowers.

In the office

Use a mug instead of a plastic cup if you drink machine coffee/tea/water.
Avoid heavily packaged sandwiches for lunch (or make your own lunch!)
Switch off unused equipment when leaving.
Use ordinary plates and cutlery at functions/meetings instead of disposable ones.

On the move

Avoid driving short distances. Cycle or walk: it’s good for us too!
Share car journeys where possible (see
Take the train or the.bus,  


Buy less!
Take bags when going to the shops, avoid using new plastic bags where possible.
Use the internet.