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A statement about Priston Festival 2023 and its future

We are preparing to run a smaller, still exciting, festival in 2023.
The event will run over the weekend Friday 15th Sept – Sunday 17th Sept.

Confirmed performers so far:
Joff Lowson Trio, Bill Smarme Trio, Rolling Harmony, Ville and Tommie, Los Yanquis, Morning Star, Senna Weeks Trio, Frome Street Bandits, Fantasy Orchestra, Skylarks, Swithen, Azhaah & the Definados, Reg Meuross & friends, Artful Badgers, Jo Sercombe, Somerset Russets.

Beyond 2023, after 13 successful years (2008 – 2022), the future of the festival is more uncertain. Running a ‘full-sized’ festival, as in 2022, is not possible for a number of reasons. The main ones being:
  1. Organisation. The effort to organise what is now a quite complex event has increased significantly, and is quite a demanding task for the 4 core Trustees, this includes quite a lot of forms and event procedure protocols, and finding, and organising, a large number of helpers. We are extremely grateful for all the help we have had in previous years from people in the village community, and from further afield, and we hope, will be so again in 2023.
  2. Finance. In the past the festival (a not-for-profit registered charity) usually broke even each year, or even made a small surplus. But the ways of raising money (small grants, smallish scale sponsorship and donations) that worked pre COVID are proving to be much harder to achieve in the current climate. (2022 was a great event but made a loss).
For the festival to flourish into the future, new input from new people is probably  required. Does the community have any views on this? Are there new people who want to be involved, particularly in organising and finance?

We will further ponder future scenarios after delivering 2023! See you there. Great bands are being lined up.

Please contact Owain if you have any thoughts on owain.oj@btinternet.com 07871 572969. Or please contact Sue Hunter-Jones, Lissa Carter or Jocelyn Nichols.

To keep up-to-date with our future plans, Subscribe using the form on the left hand side of the screen. If you enjoyed the festival, help us spread the word by Liking us on Facebook, and Following us on Twitter, - or even by simply talking to your friends and family!.  If you have any feedback or suggestions, contact us at pristonfestival@googlemail.com.

Our Patron Artist: Reg Meuross
Reg Meuross We are delighted to have renowned singer-songwriter and great story-teller Reg Meuross as our patron artist. Reg is well loved at Priston and has performed here many times. He will be back in 2023. Reg has described us as 'the jewel in the crown of my festival season'. Praise indeed!

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