Carrivick Sisters

Church performance
  • We welcome approaches from artists wishing to perform at the Priston Festival.
  • Our theme is live 'n local, so we are interested in high quality acts covering a range of genres: folk, world/roots, jazz, blues, rock, choral, classical.  We prefer acts with an established local reputation/following but also accept promising newcomers.  By local we mean Bath, Bristol, Wilshire, Gloucestershire, the South West, South Wales.
  • Our venues include an open air stage on the village green, our historic church and our village hall.
  • If you want to see the type of performers we have booked previously then visit our archive.  The slideshows will also give you an idea of the venues we offer.
  • We are a charity so do need to operate to a budget where fees are concerned.
  • We make available photos taken of the Festival to performers for publicity, but ask for an acknowledgement where these are used.
  • We provide a basic contract when acts are booked to ensure all parties are clear as to what has been agreed.
  • If you are interested please email us.  Please provide a brief description of yourselves and your repertoire, details of any forthcoming gigs ideally local to Bath, and links to any website.  All emails will be read but we do get a lot of performer submissions so we cannot promise to  reply to all.
"It was a pleasure a lovely setting, a beautiful set-up, a great soundman and a very friendly crowd.  Many thanks to everyone who put it together."  
Wholesome Hub

Rose Cottage boxes
  • Priston is a small festival with limited space for stalls.  We expect peak attendances in the region of 400 people.
  • We have created a dedicated area for food, drink and stalls just to the rear of the village hall. 
  • We also have a few stalls in front of the village hall.
  • We generally have regular local food stall suppliers. 
  • We are interested in hearing about stalls which are novel, high quality and good value, probably local, and with good green credentials. 
  • It is very unlikely we will be interested in stalls selling plastic objects, sweets etc. 
  • It is unlikely that it would be worthwhile for stall holders travelling long distances to trade at the Festival.
  • If you are interested please email us.  Please provide a brief description of yourselves and what you provide, how you think it would fit to the Festival's ethos, and links to any website.
"I would like to thank you, and everybody else involved in organising Priston Festival.  It was by far the most enjoyable event I have attended all year, and your team's attentiveness to absolutely everything was such a cut above that of the run-of-the mill event organiser. . Please pass my thanks on to all involved.  I really enjoyed myself last weekend as always when I am in Priston."
All performers/artists and traders should read our Privacy Notice and our Equal Opportunities & Safeguarding policies.