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3inabar A group of local  musicians committed to live music who meet occasionally in local pubs for informal folk-oriented performances.  If you are interested in joining in or just want to be informed of future sessions please contact
5-aside football
On Sunday 5.30-7pm. and Wednesday 8-9pm. Contacts: Dave Allen, James Franklin-Adams, Owain Jones.
Accommodation Click here for information and useful links.
Bellringers Practice on Tuesday evenings.
Captain: Jill Wilkinson (01761 470773).
Buses Click here for timetable.
Car Parking
Spaces available behind the Village Hall for £4 per month.
Contact Maggie Rideout on 01761 471308 or by email.
Christmas Cards & Postcards Click here for more information.
Café The Saturday Café is run by Priston Church members in the Village Hall for the community and for visitors to the village.  Do please come and enjoy a cup of real coffee, bacon roll and/or cake and enjoy chatting with others.
See web-page.
Circuit training We have re-started the Monday evening circuit training sessions in the Village Hall on Monday evenings between 6.30 and 7.30pm, but as a kind of do it yourself cooperative arrangement without an official trainer.
Let me know if you would like to join us - it involves stretching, strength building and aerobic exercises and as you can go at your own pace you do not have to be at any particular standard to join in.
Note the circuit training will not take place when the Village Hall is required for Parish Council meetings (see Calendar)
We will need to assemble a few bits of kit so if you have a yoga mat, some weights, skipping ropes, a gym ball, stop watch or a whistle that would also be helpful but don't worry if you haven't, we will work something out!
Hiring the hall is £6 an hour, so the cost will be nominal.
Participation is at your own risk!
All welcome (male & female, all ages)
Contact Peter Brookes on 470589 or via email if you are interested in joining.
Councillor (B&NES) Our two Councillors for Bathavon South Ward are Neil Butters and Matthew McCabe.
Cricket Club See web-page.
Cycling Local cycling club is Somer Valley Cycling.
Contact Peter or Tom Brookes (01761 470589) or visit
Dog Walking See or call Kirsty on 0794 1170989.
Footpaths For a map of footpaths within Priston Parish click here
Any problems encountered with the use of Public Rights of Way should be reported to the B&NES Public Rights of Way Officer Sheila Petherbridge. Her contact details are:  telephone 01225 394943 or email
The Link Local magazine serving Priston, Inglesbatch and Nailwell .
Priston Editors: Aylet Anderson (01761 470339) and Sue Jones (01761 472908).
See webpage.
Lost Dogs Group
To provide a facility to report lost and found dogs.  Communication by email and social media.
Contact Aylet Anderson at or on 470339 for information or to be added to the email list.
See our Privacy Policy.
Marquee/Gazebos Priston Village Hall & Church have a marquee available for hiring to the residents of Priston and the immediate surrounding villages.
Size: 10x4 metres. Rates are as follows: Priston - £35  (In VH Car Park - £50)  (Non villagers in VH Car Park £100)  Tent taken to nearby villages - £80  Any other requests will be subject to negotiation and dependent on availability of a rigging team.  Further information from: Doug Pattison on 01761 470609.

Priston Festival has gazebos that can be hired to be put up in the village hall carpark for extra cover. £30 per tent (3 sizes available 3x3 m; 3x4 m; 3x6 m). Proceeds for these go to Priston Festival. Text Owain 07871 572969 or email
Mobile Library See Mobile Library website (Route 4). 
Neighbourhood Watch Local Coordinator: Gail Pattison (01761 470609)
for Radstock Police phone 101 (for non-emergency calls).  Dial 999 for emergencies.
for Crimestoppers phone 0800 555111.
See our Privacy Policy.
Oil-buying Bulk oil-buying organised by PAGE. Members have already SAVED money and also saved many tanker journeys into the village. Contact Vicky Pai by email if you are interested in joining.  Participating in the scheme is completely free.
PA for hire
PA, disco lights, and gazebos for Village Hall carpark  for hire for use in the Village Hall and/or for private parties.

 A 500 watt system of mini mixing desk/pre amp; power amp and speakers (All Carlsbro make) can be set up in the hall. This can play music off an ipod, laptop or other suitable input devices that you can bring with you -  your music ready to go. You just plug in and press play. It is a simple system to use,  and there is a set of instructions.  It is plenty loud enough for the village hall. A decent microphone for speeches (or karaoke) can be mixed into the music if needed.

 Prices: £40 per hire for the PA. Colourful, flashing, moving disco type lights can be added to this for an extra £10. We also have playlists of party music by the decade on a IPOD that can be used extra £10.

Text Owain 07871 572969 or email
Parish Church of St. Luke and St. Andrew, Priston Click here for more info.
Parish Council Contact the Clerk: Christine Hunt (01761 471580) for details.
Click here for Minutes of Parish Council Meetings.
For details of the Council and its activities see the Council's Publication Scheme
Or click here for dedicated web page.
  • Tues mornings: Priston Village Hall, 9.30-10.30am. £8 per class booking essential.  Small class 12 people max.  All levels welcome.Contact Emma 07709354527 or email
Police Call 999 for emergencies.
for Radstock Police phone 101 (for non-emergency calls).
For information re our local policing team see here.
Text information/suspicions re rural crime to 81819.  Note this no. is not monitored 24/7 - for emergencies dial 999.
Post Box On the village green.
Collections Mon-Fri 12pm, Sat 12pm..
Priston Action Group for the Environment (PAGE) Global Warming? Carbon Footprints? Sustainability?
Does our children’s future really depend on us changing our lightbulbs?
Isn't there something more we can do? And if so what?
Are these some of the questions you have been asking?
Or do you have some of the answers?
Or perhaps, like us, you are concerned but confused.
see  here for more.
Priston Chat
Closed Facebook Group to allow Priston residents and those with an interest in Priston to share information.  See here to join.
Priston Church of England Educational Charity Contact Bill Drake-Brockman (01761 470594)
Refuse Collections
Check this link for Refuse, Recycling, and Garden Waste Collection dates.  You may need to enter your postcode and select your address.
Ring & Ride Bus Service
The scheme is intended for elderly and disabled individuals who find it difficult to access public  transport. Click here or  call  417504 for details.
Ring O'Bells Public House See website.
Schools For recent OFSTED reports of local schools click here.
Click on the links for local primary schools:Farmborough, Marksbury.
Click on the links for local secondary schools: Wellsway School.
Tai Chi In Priston Village Hall Monday mornings 9.15-10.15am and Monday evenings 7.30-8.30pm.
See the Calendar for specific dates.  
Contact Sarah B. at or on 0781 566 2844 for details.
Village Hall See dedicated web page.
See also PA for hire.
Village Loop
An email list used to distribute information about local matters of interest eg flooding alerts, blocked roads, social events or activities taking place that residents may wish to take part in. Fund-raising events for local groups such as the church, the cricket club or the Village Hall may be promoted using this list. 
Contact Aylet Anderson at or on 470339 for information or to be added to the list.
See our Privacy Policy.
Waste & Recycling Centres
Click here for details. 
 Classes are currently every Friday 9.30-10.30am in Priston Village Hall.  Contact Lucy Lowe at & mobile 07838 372243.