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HeartSine AEDThe new defibrillator cabinet with the new HeartSine Samaritan PAD defibrillator has now been installed on the wall of the Village Hall. It is now fully operational.   This has been made possible througn an anonymous donation.

The old Medtronic Fully Automatic AED and cabinet have now been moved and are fully operational on the wall of Willow Barn at the lower end of the village, through the kind permission of Mr & Mrs. Pai. The access code for the old cabinet is unchanged.

The key differences between the new HeartSine and the old Medtronic defibrillators are:
  • the HeartSine defibrillator provides feedback on the effectiveness of heart compressions/CPR being provided by the carer(s);
  • the HeartSine model prompts the carer to press a button to administer the shock, the Medtronic model applies the shock automatically following a warning for carers to move clear of the patient.
During the near future an updated information leaflet, detailing the codes of each cabinet and those villagers whose training is in date and who are willing to be called out in an emergency, will be delivered to each household.

There were 16 villagers who attended the familiarisation course for the new AED so we now have a substantial core of knowledge in the village so that the new device may be used with confidence.

A refresher course will be arranged for those whose certificate expires this year.

John Wilkinson, AED Coordinator

PRIDE is the  PRIston DEfibrillator!

In 2009 Priston villagers raised the necessary funds for the purchase and installation of an AED (Automated External Defibrillator).  The Parish Council subsequently took over ownership and responsibility for maintenance of the defibrillator.

The AED is housed in a green cabinet situated on the side wall of the Village Hall, which is illuminated at night.
  • to access the cabinet, dial 999. The operator will advise you of the combination required to open the cabinet;
  • the combination to open the cabinet, plus a list of individuals trained in AED use is also available to local residents on request from John Wilkinson.  However, you are advised to dial 999 in the event of an emergency, prior to using the AED;
  • the AED provides verbal prompts as soon as it is switched on, advising how to prepare the patient and when to apply chest compressions/CPR.  The new HeartSine AED provides feedback on whther CPR is being applied effectively;
  • the AED warns carers to move away when a shock is required 
    • the new HeartSine AED prompts the carer to press a button to administer the sock;
    • the old Medtronic AED applies the shock automatically, without the need to press any button;
    • Note than both the new and the old AED automatically analyses electrical signals from the heart and will only apply a shock when needed.  It will not apply a shock if the heart is working normally.
Although use of the AED does not require training., training is very important not only in teaching you how to use the AED  but also in showing you how apply CPR (cardiac-pulmonary resuscitation)/chest compressions. CPR is key to sustaining the patient both before and during CPR use.  If you are interested in receiving training then please register your interest with John Wilkinson on 470773 or email.

You can download and print a simple one-page guide to CPR/AED usage here. Or view the Vinnie Jones' video on hands-only CPR.
Note - this is not intended as a substitute for training!

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Update (24 October 2009)

PRIDE handoverSee the PRIDE handover photos

Update (17 October 2009)
Noon, 24 October 2009

At last, a date has been arranged for the formal handover of the defibrillator into the custody of the Parish Council. This will be a low key affair happening on Saturday 24 October at noon. All of you are cordially invited to join us. There will be a celebratory glass of wine and nibbles available in the Ring o’ Bells afterwards, as small token of thanks for all your magnificent support for the project (this will not be paid for from the Pride funds!). The cabinet will open so that all can see what you have brought.

There are now 26 people who have received initiation training. A further course will be arranged in the near future for any who want learn how to use it, together with resuscitation training. Contact John Wilkinson on 470773 if you want to attend but be quick as places are filling rapidly. Subsequently, refresher training will be provided.

We are extremely grateful for the recent generous donation from the Book Exchange in the pub.

There will be future fundraising events (yes, we DO still require funds, mainly for training) yet to be decided. The Chocolate Evening raised over 200 which will help pay for the next training session.

We are in the process of sorting out the, very temporary, hood over the light, hopefully by replacing the current lighting with a completely different type of light.

Update (28 July 2009)

AED on wallYou will all be pleased to hear, that the long wait is over. Planning permission for the installation of the AED storage box on the wall of the Village Hall was granted on 20th July and the cabinet was installed on the right-hand-side of the Village Hall on 28th.  At the moment we have a defibrillator on loan until the one we have ordered (the Medtronic Lifepak CR Plus Fully Automatic AED) arrives.  The AED is now fully operational, and the necessary arrangements with the Ambulance Service have been put into action. to ensure the code is  available to anyone dialing 999.

Plans are in hand to run further training courses. We are waiting for dates from the instructor, but probably some time in August, so if you’d like to learn how to use the machine, and haven’t already put your name down, please let John Wilkinson know on 470773..

AED - showing contentsPeople have shown concern that we are still fund-raising after everybody in the village has been so generous. Although we do have cash in the kitty, we need to pay for future training, which is a considerable expense, and there are certain maintenance and running costs.  Refresher training needs to be carried out at a minimum of once a year and the recommendation is two times a year. So every so often we will be holding a fundraising event to cover these costs. The next event will be a Chocolate Evening on 10th October. Details nearer the time.

AED - location on village hallWe are intending to have an official opening.  You will be advised when it is.

Very soon we shall deliver an information sheet to each household detailing how to access the machine in case of emergency.

This web page will be adapted to provide useful information on the use of the AED.

Thanks again to everyone for all the support you have provided to the PRIDE project.